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On the coast of the North Shore sits the city of Salem, the 32nd largest in Massachusetts, and an area rife with history. The city was officially incorporated in 1836, but the area saw settlement as soon as 1629. The area is highly wooded, and is best known for the Salem Witch Hunts of 1692. The city was also made famous by the book by Arthur Miller, The Crucible.

The world is highly intrigued by the history of the town, and as a result over a million people come to town to see the historic sites where “witches” were burned alive at the stake. All of this tourism brings on average over $100,000,000 to the city each year, and that has afforded them the financial stability to continue to grow and gentrify the city. There are constantly improvements being made, and new developments going up, and it is cool to see such a small area flourish as a result of history.

Unrelated to witchcraft and wizardry, the city is also known for being the birthplace of the U.S. National Guard, and President Obama declared that to be true in 2013.

The city features all sorts of historical sites, museums, fabulous restaurants and shopping. There is also an abundance of lodging options as the city wants to capitalize off the witch crazy as much as humanly possible.

As luck would have it, there is currently one medical marijuana dispensary located in town, and with the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the state of Massachusetts, we hope that it will mean that some recreational shops will open their doors to the public in the area in the near future! We guess that it is a safe bet that they likely will open at least a few shops in town.

Come check out all that Salem has to offer. It is a great place to relax and unwind – assuming you aren’t a witch! If you would like more information on Massachusetts Marijuana Laws, click here.

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