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With a population of about 58,732, the city of Brookline is the 18th largest in Massachusetts, and is a part of the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area. The city is neighbored by Newton to the west, and Boston in every other direction. It also sits on the Muddy River and the Charles River, so water activities are a must in Brookline!

The city if most commonly known as being the birthplace and hometown of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The actual spot where he was born is on the National Registry of Historic Places, and is open for visiting from May through September each year. It truly is a cool place to see!

Today the city is praised for its diversity, especially in religion. There are many different churches in town, and the area is a major hub for Boston’s Greek and Jewish communities. We always love finding places that offer cultural and religious tolerance. They always seem to be the friendliest areas where you can really learn more about different forms of faith and spirituality.

Continuing the trend of progressivism in Brookline, the city had two verifiable locations on the Underground Railroad. This is so cool to think that people were working together to help total strangers flee oppression and escape to freedom. It’s awesome this the city has such a long-standing history with free thought and doing what’s right.

Lucky day! There is currently one medical marijuana dispensary located in town, and with the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the state of Massachusetts, we hope that it will mean that some recreational shops will open their doors to the public in the area in the near future! We would be surprised if Brookline didn’t see any rec shops, so get ready for a legal cannabis experience soon!

Come check out all that Brookline has to offer soon. It is a great place to relax and unwind! If you would like more information on Massachusetts Marijuana Laws, click here.

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