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Sitting on the North Shore, the city of Beverly has a population of about 39,502, thusly making it the 38th largest city in the state of Massachusetts. The city was officially incorporated in 1668, but settlement of the area began earlier in 1626. The city is in contention with Marblehead for the title of being the birthplace of the US Navy. The first Naval ship left on its maiden voyage from Beverly Harbor, and that is why the city feels it has earned that distinction.Beverly also had a huge role in United States History. The city is remembered for being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. They are recognized for this because their first cotton mill in the country was located in town. The mill was also the largest in the world. The area was also home to many other factories and mills that produced goods like shoes and other textiles.

Today the western side of the city is fairly urban while the coastal side is rather undeveloped in comparison. The city has many coves, beaches, and even a few small islands. Boaters love Beverly for its location and sailing opportunities.

If you want to take in the local culture, there are many historic sites in town, such as the Beverly Cotton Manufactory – which has been preserved to showcase the facility in its glory. Also, the North Shore Music Theater offers a wide variety of musicals and concerts that are certain to entertain!

Unfortunately there are currently no medical marijuana dispensaries located in town, but with the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the state of Massachusetts, we hope that it will mean that some recreational shops will open their doors to the public in the area in the near future!

Come check out all that Beverly has to offer. It is a great place to relax and unwind!

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