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With a population of about 43,593, Attleboro is the 29th largest city in the state of Massachusetts. The city was officially incorporated in 1914, but settlement began as early as 1634. The Ten Mile River runs through the middle of town, and helped bring water power to factories and mills around the time of the Industrial Revolution. The city was also known as “The Jewelry Capital of the World,” due to the many jewelers and jewelry companies in town and their great production of different jewels.

Outdoor enthusiasts love Attleboro for the plethora of different ponds for fishing and swimming, and miles of preserved land for hiking and exploring. This truly is a remarkable area to hike in, it is so beautiful – especially in the fall.

For history and culture buffs, there are 4 malls in town. Three of them are devoted to the industrial nature of the town and the historical aspects of women working in factories and everything that was produced in the area. There is also the Attleboro Art Museum which showcases local works from today and days gone by. Much of the art produced in the region is aquatic based, and there’s no surprise there. With all the beauty around, it’s not hard to imagine all the inspiration it has struck.

Unfortunately there are currently no medical marijuana dispensaries located in town, but with the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the state of Massachusetts, we hope that it will mean that some recreational shops will open their doors to the public in the area in the near future!

Come check out all that Attleboro has to offer. It is a great place to relax and unwind! If you would like more information on Massachusetts Marijuana Laws, click here.

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