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mount-hoodAt 11,249 feet, Mount Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon and easily the most fun. Open year round to climbers, hikers, and even skiers/snowboarders. Located only 50 miles from Portland, Mt. Hood a beautiful and relatively quick drive to escape the big city for some mountain air. The entire area encompasses over 4,600 acres of accessible terrain, as long as you pay of course. Although it is a volcano, it is very unlikely to erupt; geologists say it has a 3-7% chance in the next 30 or so years. The area is also home to 12 glaciers, making for an exciting and dangerous landscape to enjoy. For permits, lift tickets, information, operating hours and seasonal conditions click here.

Cannabis Policy & facts

As the area is technically federal land, it is a federal crime to consume or posses cannabis…that being said, this does not stop anyone and it is frequently consumed out in the open. If you wish to indulge, be smart and use a vape-pen.

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Mt. Hood Brewing

A local brewery, crafting daily in-house, Mt. Hood beers are delicious and offer a full range of tastes. Mt. Hood Brewery also offers a full service dining menu for those looking to carb up!


Famous for their local beer selection and aptly titled “Nacho Mountain,” Alpenstube is a great spot before or after enjoying the slopes with your friends and family.

Timberline Lodge 

With multiple bars and dining areas, the main lodge is not to disappoint. grab a mimosa or a scotch and enjoy yourself by the fireplace.