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Near Fremont Street

fremontIf you are in Las Vegas and looking to get some of the old school Vegas, Fremont is the place to be. The area goes back all the way to 1905 when Las Vegas was initially founded, and was ground zero for the first and most classic casinos in the area. With plenty of historic casinos, bars, shows and even a zip-line, we highly recommend leaving the main strip and making a visit. For all information about the area, click here.

Cannabis Policy & Facts

Public consumption of cannabis is illegal, penalties include a $600 dollar fine if caught or even jail time. Initiative Petition 1 was passed on the eighth of November, so maybe they will mellow a bit, but I wouldn’t bet on it! See what I did there? For a full directory of medical cannabis shops in Nevada, click here.


Heart Attack Grill

World famous for its anti-healthy food menu, the grill is a must visit for those looking to eat a bit on the wild side. With alcohol infused milkshakes and mountain like burgers, this is a fun spot to visit for someone not looking to watch what they eat!

Park on Fremont

Boasting a build your own burger menu, a large beer selection and a fantastic brunch, Park on Fremont is a great spot to visit in the oldschool downtown area.

Hugo’s Cellar

Voted the best gourmet room in Las Vegas, Hugo’s offers a nice quiet look into the finer things. Perfect for a date or just to enjoy some fantastic cuisine and a glass of wine, we recommend stopping in.