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This newly renovated, 1903, Victorian home has several outdoor smoking options: The front porch is perfect for watching the world float by in a by-gone-era sort of way; the backyard offers a kicked-back, smoking haven in lawn-chairs or lying in a field of daisies; there is a pic-nic table next to the fire-pit where you can light up with a burning stick, sit back and tell stories next to a crackling fire; and the “Pot-ting Shed” is, well, it’s a potting shed turned outdoor, under-cover, smoking lounge, (This amenity will be ready by late-summer 2014). All smoking is outside.

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Please make your reservation through Airbnb. Mention Kush Tourism in your initial email to us so we know your Cannabis preferences. Reserve your room here!

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“Bed Baked and Beyond: Cherry Hill” is an elegant, yet eccentric 1903 Victorian guest-house, run by wives, Melissa and Abil: A chef and a professional beer appreciator. There are many, common-rooms to enjoy. Relax in the parlor, or the Lounge-room, two social rooms with very different vibes. Enjoy complimentary food and beverages in the formal dining room. Peruse our vinyl collection–our turntable works really well and KEXP is tuned-in on the dial. We have WIFI, and two hot-water heaters!
The Sweet Suite, your Kush Tourism accommodation, is a harem-like suite with an enormous, sexy bed, cloaked in reds and golds, with direct TV and a private bathroom. Romantic and whimsical–just like the owners!

Breakfast: We serve a continental breakfast in the formal dining-room between 8:00 and 8:30. Chef Melissa bakes a fresh, scratch baked-good every morning and a nutritionist prepares a beautiful, seasonal fruit-plate. We serve organic coffee or tea, as well. If you require more than this, we can recommend amazing restaurants within walking distance.




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