Little Bay Cabins – Jamaica Cannabis Resort

Little Bay Jamaica

Little Bay Cabins offers a great place to stay that is minutes away from Bob Marley’s home and entirely cannabis friendly. Below is some information from Little Bay themselves

  • Completely cannabis-friendly…
    • It’s decriminalized for anyone to possess up to two ounces and completely legal for anyone with a medical marijuana card…we’ve got the legitimate supply covered and are in the countryside, near the growers in the hills of westmoreland, not the hustlers peddling shwag on the beaches!
    • We have a 4:20 all the day package that is $50 for one’s entire stay with us and we give customers much as you want/can smoke…
  • Legacy and History…
    • Bob Marley had a home just a 10 minute walk from the Little Bay Cabins property, it was written about in Rolling Stone; visitors can literally go hang out in his grotto or smoke a spliff on his meditation rock, I did this in November myself!
  • Recent cannabis connections
    • LBC hosted some of the top names in cannabis during the recent High Times Cannabis Cup and was mentioned in the April edition.
    • The larger grows are mostly protected and not open for tours, however there are some Rastas who can show smaller mountain grows.
    • We could also bring in the Westmoreland Growers’ Association to come bring samples and talk about the history of growing in Jamaica!
  • Venue
    • Unspoiled natural beauty, kayaking and snorkeling on-site
    • On-site open-air restaurant, beach bonfires, no cabin more than 30yds from the beach!
    • Cabins excellent for group outings, seminars, and even family gatherings (mine going for Christmas this year!); see attached drone pic from above for the full layout.

There are already some cannabis tours and resorts marketing themselves as 420-friendly, but none that offer the same kind of beautiful and relaxing setting and venue as LBC!

Phone: (876) 588-6700
Address: 1 Beach Road, Little Bay Westmoreland, Negril, Jamaica