Travel Weekly recently interviewed Michael Gordon, our CEO who seems to have a Warren Buffet-like sixth sense when it comes to forecasting market growth in the pot tourism industry, especially now that California has gone “legal”. You see, California doesn’t seem to think that statewide legalization is going to have any significant impact on inbound tourism in Los Angeles, so says Ernest Wooden Jr., the president and CEO of the LA Tourism & Convention Board but our SEO numbers are telling a very different story. It’s normal for there to be a spike in our web traffic once a state comes online. It happened with Nevada and Oregon but when California opened their doors on New Year’s Day our web traffic hit nearly one million visitors and it’s still climbing!
Perhaps the most exciting thing of all is the impact Senator Jeff Session’s has had on the cannabis industry nationwide. In case you haven’t heard, we’ve recapped it for you here.

Jeff Sessions:

  “I’m cracking down on the cannabis industry.”

Cannabis Industry:

 Our support team has been working overtime to build partnerships with California-based pot tour companies, cannabis friendly lodging establishments, retailers and farmers. By sharing our platform their voices are amplified to the tune of one million plus hits a month. Here in the Emerald City we are surrounded by water and no one knows better than us that a high tide will lift all boats so if you are a cannabis tour company, kush event or activities coordinator or pot friendly lodging establishment in the state of California, Nevada, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Alaska or the District of Columbia Kush Tourism wants to partner with you! To find out more about being featured on our platform please email us at

KT CEO Makes Front Page of Travel Weekly
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KT CEO Makes Front Page of Travel Weekly
The future of Pot Tourism is smokin hot! Jump on the band wagon!
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