After googling what was going on in the marijuana delivery world, we saw an unlikely ad! If you look close enough, you’ll even notice that they misspelled the word Marijuana to Marajuana. Are they targeting consumers that can’t spell marijuana right or is this an internal joke aimed at us cannabis consumers?

We know the ad can’t be true. There can’t be people selling weed on Amazon, but it made us wonder, What if Amazon did get into the marijuana game?

Would they deliver weed on a drone? Would some growers qualify for amazon prime? Would there be white labeled strains like there are HDMI cords? So many questions.

If you go down this rabbit hole far enough, maybe marijuana will be at every wholefoods! Maybe if you have the Amazon app, you could just walk in and carry out whatever products you want along with a breakfast bar and a juice and your account will be automatically charged. Woah..

This leads me to another question, I wonder if Jeff Bezos smokes weed. I would love to smoke a J with Jeff and learn a few lessons from the second richest person in the world! Maybe we could negotiate a better rate on our EC2 servers and hosting over a premium Pre-Roll of Seattle’s finest.

Is Amazon Selling Marijuana
Article Name
Is Amazon Selling Marijuana
Amazon is advertising marijuana on google search ads