Updated Pesticide List: Direct From The DoA



Earlier this month we announced the LCB’s statement on the use-status of a few pesticides. Since that time it has become apparent that the list has changed: with some of the pesticides formerly listed being removed (such as Honey Chome), and others added. Due to the influx of problems that the LCB must address on a routine basis, it seems that its communication with the DoA is/has been delayed. Therefore, in future instances, in order to receive the most up to date pesticide information, and general to specific information on different pesticides, please go to the WSDA’s website and also PICOL’s Pesticide Database as well. In order to ensure you are being provided the correct information, we at Kush MP thought we’d provide you the actual list of pesticides and fertilizers that the DoA has/is investigating thus far.





Now that there is a clear understanding of what is approved for use, make sure to check your inventory and also the Marketplace for some hot deals!!!