Happy Danksgiving from Kush Tourism! Here’s our plan for the day, weed-wise!

Today is a day of celebration, eating, football, and inevitably falling asleep on the couch. What about that doesn’t sound like it would go hand in hand with some fine cannabis?

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or some other kind of super-hippie that we have yet to even be plagued with, there’s little to no reason to give your appetite and napping abilities a little boost!

Fortunately, we were blessed to have phenomenal chefs for mothers and girlfriends, and have no expectations in the kitchen for the day. This means instead of being held responsible for keeping time and having all the pressures of preparing the main event for the day, we can spend the day in whatever way we see fit.


Our plan is to start smoking delicious sativas all morning for sustainability, then later move onto the heavier indicas after dinner. To kick the day off, some of an old favorite, Blue Dream. This uplifting and delectable sativa is a great way to start the day, and never fails to leave me in a great mood. What a way to get up and moving! From there, I will move to the couch and assume the position that I will hold for several hours until the feast.

Puff Puff Pass the Stuffing!

Puff Puff Pass the Stuffing!

I then will move onto some Gorilla Glue #4. One of my favorite flavors, GG#4 is a superb hybrid that features some incredible mood elevation, while also bringing some couch lock qualities into the mix. I think this coincides with my plan perfectly so that I can feel perfectly contented and locked into some morning cartoons. If like me, you’re appalled that the Macy’s Day Parade was held last night and you missed it, these cartoons will surely lift your spirits when consumed in conjunction with the right herbs.

About an hour before the bird is presented, I will smoke a little Strawberry Cough for its uplifting quality while I mix up a 10MG THC Lemon Drop cocktail. By this point, I’ll be right where I want to be when appetizers and hors d’oeuvres start to make their debut.

Turkey Time!!!


Now that you’ve successfully expanded your waistline and laid waste to a pile of food that truly shouldn’t fit into a human stomach, it’s time to undo the pants and see how long you can keep your eyes open for. For us, we view this as an opportunity to prove that you have indeed outdone yourself and even your wildest dreams of food consumption.

Down for the count!

Down for the count!

Now is when we break out the big boy indicas. Strains like Bruce Banner, and OG Kush come out of the woodwork and are sure to wisk you away to to the most contented and dreamless sleep of the year. Never has a couch felt more comfortable, and with the aid of a strong THC cookie or brownie, you’ll stay planted there for several hours.


While 2016 has been one of the worst years ever, we have plenty to be thankful for as we begin drift off. First off, California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts all legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Praise Jah. Some of the most conservative states in country legalized medical marijuana as well, including: Florida, Montana, Arkansas and North Dakota – Didn’t see that coming! Colorado passed Initiative 300, which will introduce a 4 year pilot program to explore public consumption, and the country’s capital, Washington D.C. unanimously approved medical marijuana reciprocity.

Thanks for following what we do here, we're thankful for you!

Thanks for following what we do here, we’re thankful for you!

Beyond all that, we are continually thankful for all those who advance the marijuana movement not only across the country, but also around the world. We dream of seeing a day where widespread marijuana legalization is a reality, and those who are fighting the brave fight to take steps to make that possible are personal heroes of ours. Also, we would be remiss to leave out all of our friends and family who continue to make our dreams come true – food and otherwise!

We hope you have the Dankest of Thanksgivings and are surrounded by good weed, good food, and good friends and family!

Lots of love,

Kush Tourism

Happy Danksgiving!!!
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Happy Danksgiving!!!
Today is a day of eating football and inevitably falling asleep on the couch. What about that doesn’t sound like it would go hand in hand with fine cannabis?
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