European Kush Tours & Activities

Barcelona SpainAre you looking for a Cannabis Social Club? A Cannabis Guide could be exactly what you need. They can show you where the best cannabis is, and they can even give you an introduction/referral to the clubs. There are many intricacies depending on which country you are visiting and without a guide to the culture it can be a bit unsafe to venture into the underground clubs solo.  These KUSH Cannabis excursions provide guided trips into the world of European Cannabis.

These tours are open to anyone over the age of 21! Become of part of history being made and enjoy a Cannabis Tour!

You can also use our directory of the Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain, but we recommend taking a guided tour. Most of these clubs require a referral to join, and guides can provide just that.

Weed Advisor

Barcelona and Amsterdam
Whatapp: +33 6 28 93 42 09
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