When Did New Hampshire Make Marijuana Legal?

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    When did voters pass a bill to allow marijuana to be sold in New Hampshire, and when did dispensaries actually start opening?

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    In July of 2013 Governor Maggie Hassan, signed the first bill allowing the use of medical marijuana. She did, however, insist on changes, which ultimately caused a lot of confusion and major delays in implementing the use of medical marijuana. Patients where finally allowed to register for medical marijuana beginning in November of 2015. It was not until April of 2016 that the first dispensary began operations

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    Chief wanna dubbie

    In July of 2013 Governor Hassan signed a bill into law to make medical marijuana legal to certain specific patients with conditions outlined by the bill HB 573. Dispensaries were opened up in New Hampshire in April of 2016, with patients only being approved and receiving medical marijuana cards about a month prior.

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    New Hampshire has recently made medical marijuana legal. It happened in March of 2016 and they are following the trend that is going across the country at a rapid rate. Before long hopefully all states will be adopting the same policy. It was nice to see you New Hampshire get on board.

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