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      Chief wanna dubbie

      When did voters pass a bill to allow marijuana to be sold in Maine, and when did dispensaries actually start opening?

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      Voters passed the original medical marijuana laws in November of 1999, revisions came in 2002 to increase the amount of marijuana a patient could have. In November 2009 another revision came which made the registry and also regulated laws for non-profit dispensaries. In 2013 the first 8 dispensaries opened up, one for each of the eight districts.

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      In 1999 the first law was enacted allowing marijuana to be sold for medicinal uses. These were only under very tight circumstances. The state’s first dispensaries opened in 2011. As of today there are several dozen legal places to buy cannabis throughout the state. As of anywhere else though, public consumption is still a federal crime.

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      Approved Nov. 3, 1998, 58% votersRemoved state criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana

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      If voters speak out in great enough numbers to pass the Maine Marijuana Legalization Initiative on November 8th, recreational marijuana will become legal for adults over the age of 21. We hope it passes!

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