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      When did voters pass a bill to allow marijuana to be sold in Connecticut, and when did dispensaries actually start opening?

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      Medical marijuana was legalized in Connecticut on Jun 1 2012, after is passed through the State Senate and was then signed by Governor Dannel Malloy. It took another 2 years before any dispensaries opened up, with dispensaries starting to open in September of 2014. Six dispensaries opened up during the end of 2014.

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      On June 1, 2012 Connecticut enacted a law that prohibited prosecution for marijuana possession for anyone with a valid medical registration card. On May 17 of this year the law was changed to include medical marijuana for minors. Minor were excluded from the original law. This change will take affect on October 1, 2016 and will be helpful for young people with diseases such as terminal illness, an irreversible spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy or cystic fibrosis.

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      Pot is still illegal in Connecticut. Patients undergoing palliative treatment were first issued cards in 2012 when the medicinal program was first implemented. In 2013 the first dispensary was opened. Recreational use is illegal, but may carry an infraction for a small amount. Lawmakers are currently working towards decriminalizing it even further but that is still years away.

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