What Are Washington Marijuana Laws For Driving?

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    Can I get a DUI from driving after smoking weed in Washington? How do they know if your high, and what determines if you’re too high to drive?

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    t is illegal to drive a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, other drugs, or a combination of substances. When alcohol is involved, a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent of the driver’s blood, by volume, will conclusively establish that the driver is under the influence. If the level is less, the prosecutor can still point to the driver’s actions to prove that he was under the influence.

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    Trae Bear

    In Washington, it does not matter what you are under the influence of. If you are not sober, you will get tested and given consequences. They will be given a first, second and third defense if it keeps occurring. The last offense is a mandatory fee that would have to be paid. If the police suspect that you are under the influence at all, they will give you a drug test to see if you are. Everyone has different levels of “high”, it just depends on you.

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    Yes, you can get a DUI if you are caught driving under the influence of Washington, just like any other controlled substance. If the officer believes you are under the influence of marijuana they will administer a field sobriety test which will check and monitor your behaviors. If you fail this test you will be arrested and charged with a DUI or some equivalent. Marijuana is treated roughly the same as alcohol.

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