What Are Nevada Marijuana Laws For Tourists?

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    I’m visiting Nevada in a couple weeks are the laws different for locals than for travelers?

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    Medical marijuana is the only thing that is legal. So in order to smoke in there state you need to have a medical marijuana card, and in order to get a card you need to send a register request and a check for $25 to the Division of Public and Behavioral health in Vegas. You also need to get approved by a licensed physician. If you have neither then be careful. First offenders often get hit with a $600 fine, and a misdemeanor.

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    In Nevada laws for tourists can vary. If you are a medical marijuana patient in another state and can show a valid medical marijuana card along with a state issued identification card, you can purchase and use medical marijuana legally. If you do not possess a medical marijuana card, as a tourist, you are subject to the same laws as residents of the state. In Nevada, marijuana is not legal but, it has been decriminalized. If caught with marijuana and no medical card you are subject to arrest and a fine but, it is a misdemeanor for the first offense.

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    The main difference between locals and travelers is the medical marijuana laws. Locals are able to easily apply for a medical marijuana card, and then after approved are able to purchase marijuana legally. On the other hand, travelers can not buy medical marijuana, and can not apply for a medical marijuana card as only full-time Nevada residents can apply for one.

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