What Are Illinois’s Laws Regarding Marijuana and Minors?

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    Are the marijuana laws different for minors than for adults in Illinois?

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    The main laws that are different are in reference to medical marijuana in Illinois. Adults can apply for themselves for the medical marijuana card, and can get several different forms of marijuana from the dispensaries. Minors must receive the drug from a caregiver. They must also get approval from their primary physician on top of a secondary doctor. Minors are allowed marijuana only by marijuana infused products, which include food or liquid drops.

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    Only minors with serious medical conditions may be given access to medical marijuana, but only in edible and drop forms. Minors must have consent of a parent/gaurdian caregiver and two separate physicians, one of whom must be the minors primary physician.

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    If you are a minor in Illinois and are hoping to get medical marijuana then there is one thing you need to do. You will have to bring your parents or legal guardians to the doctor with you and have them sign a waiver stating that it is ok for you to have a medical marijuana card.

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