What Are Hawaii’s Laws Regarding Marijuana and Minors?

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    Are the marijuana laws different for minors than for adults in Hawaii?

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    The marijuana laws are different for minors and majors in Hawaii. A person above 18 years of age can get a Medical Marijuana Card while a minor has to be accompanied by an adult and needs a medical condition/prescription, to buy the herb. Also, selling the drug to a minor is a felony which shall lead up-to 10 years of imprisonment.

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    In Hawaii if a minor wants to be able to get a medical marijuana card then they need to bring a parent or legal guardian to the doctor with them. That way they can get a signed waiver stating that it is okay for them to receive a medical marijuana card.

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    While the laws for marijuana are stable for both minors and adults in Hawaii, there are two factors in marijuana related charges that are different. Adults can see felony charges for selling to a minor or using a minor to promote selling marijuana, where as a minor wouldn’t see these charges. The second factor is that a lot of minors get felony charges due to Hawaii’s strict marijuana laws around schools and public parks, where minors tend to hang out.

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