What Are Delaware’s Laws Regarding Marijuana and Minors?

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    Trae Bear

    Are the marijuana laws different for minors than for adults in Delaware?

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    Trae Bear

    For medical marijuana the patient must be 18 in order to be prescribed marijuana, or have the recommendation of a pediatrician. Otherwise, without a prescription, marijuana is a civil penalty with a fine involving 100$. However, for minors, marijuana possession or use remains and criminal offense and is more harshly punished based on the amount possessed.

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    Marijuana is illegal for minors in Delaware, which has decriminalized possession and has a schedule of laws and fines for different amounts and infractions. It is still illegal however for minors. “A person older than 18 who sells or delivers drug paraphernalia to a minor younger than 18 is guilty of a class E felony, punishable with up to five years in prison.”

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    Are the laws in delaware the same for adults and minors? No , the are not. It is illegal to sell marijuana to minors under the age of eighteen. It is also illegal to possess marijuana if you are under the age of eighteen. There are also other trafficking and personal use laws depending on amounts that must be followed.

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