What Are Connecticut’s Laws Regarding Marijuana and Minors?

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      Are the marijuana laws different for minors than for adults in Connecticut?

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      In Connecticut the laws regarding recreational marijuana is the same, which is that recreational marijuana is illegal for both minors and adults alike. The only difference for minors and adults in Connecticut is the process for getting a medical marijuana card. Adults can apply for themselves, and have more possible conditions to qualify for. Minors on the other hand must have a caregiver to apply and administer the marijuana, and there are less pediatric conditions to be able to qualify for compared to conditions for adults.

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      Any minor (age under 21) convicted of any marijuana, alcohol, or other drug offense faces a 12-month drivers license suspension, regardless of whether the offense was driving-related. The court may allow restricted license privileges if the minor demonstrates a critical need to drive.

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      In the state of Connecticut, courts may make an exception for minors that are under the age of 18 if they are found to have grown or distributed marijuana through a reduced sentencing. Additionally, minors who are caught in possession of a small amount of marijuana will face a 60-day driver’s license suspension, similar to that of a minor traffic violation.

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