What Are Alaska’s Laws Regarding Marijuana and Minors?

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      Are the marijuana laws different for minors than for adults in Alaska?

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      Alaska allows personal use of marijuana legally for persons 21 years of age or older and the person may grow up to six plants (with up to three flowering) for personal use.
      Yes, its different for minor. Its only medical marijuana by medical expert that is legalized for minor that requires such. And in such case, a minor need a statement by parent or guardian that his/her doctor has explained the risks and benefits of marijuana. Also parent or guardian has to be primary caregiver and needs to control possession and use of marijuana

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      Yes, laws differ greatly for adults compared to minors in reference to Marijuana in Alaska. In November of 2014 voters voted in favor of passing recreational marijuana laws for those over the age of 21. So in Alaska recreational marijuana is now legal for Adults over the age of 21. For minors, marijuana continues to be illegal.

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      Yes, the laws in Alaska are different for minors and adults. In Alaska, it is illegal for anyone under the ago of twenty one to possess, use or grow marijuana. Adults aged twenty one and older may possess, use, grow and even give away marijuana. There are several laws concerning the legal use of marijuana by adults. Marijuana may not be used in any public place and can not be taken out of the state.

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