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      I’m visiting Alaska in a couple weeks are the laws different for locals than for travelers?

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      The laws for possession without a medical card are the same for visitors and locals alike in Alaska. Possession of up to 1 oz is legal in the state. Sale of any amount is still illegal. Dispensaries in the state of Alaska are not allowed to honor other states medical cards, so if you’re a card holder from another state you’re going to have to go about getting your medication by other means.

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      You are free to purchase marijuana within the local marijuana laws as long as you have a state id. Any state issued id is sufficient to purchase marijuana legally. You must also be over the age of 21 to purchase marijuana. You can not travel out of the state with the purchase marijuana as well.

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      No, recreational laws are able to be enjoyed by both locals and travelers. Travelers are given caution to use discretion though because public consumption comes with fines. Alaska is looking to bring tourism in with the recreational marijuana laws and will likely be the first state with cannabis cafes, similar to those in Amsterdam.

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      Kent Bowman

      The best scenario for tourists traveling in Alaska is to legally purchase cannabis at the dispensary nearest you, and visit a cannabis friendly resort such as Bowman’s Bearcreek Lodge in Hope Alaska, (907 782 3141) where you can enjoy your vacation in a relaxed private atmosphere. Cabin rentals include a fantastic five course dinner!

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