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      Jim Agee

      Hello my friends at Kush Tourism! One day in the near future, we shall also be able to enjoy life as you do. What a wonderful and enlightening time that will be when it takes place. It isn’t “if” it happens it is simply a matter of “when” it will occur. Then a Kush expansion can come eastward to the Bluegrass state. Our legislative bodies have some bill’s that are soon to be up for discussion, but we are moving at a snail’s pace. Hopefully medical cannabis issues can be approved first, then we can set our sites on recreational aspect of happiness. I an confident with the agencies that are righteously pushing this issue forward in a professional legal manner, we will soon achieve positive results as your fine state has. Our state undoubtedly has experience in the aspects of cannabis production but it needs to be brought under the set guidelines of state and federal regulations. The medical contribution, the amount of revenue that can be generated, and the number of job’s that can be created cannot be overlooked as a mere positive aspect of bringing Cannabis to legalization. This is truly an exciting time in our Nation in which we are taking on many new challenges that will shape, mold and benefit the vast majority of our society. I awake each day scurrying for a cup of coffee and a sit down to check my emails on my laptop…. just waiting for that wonderful news. And the dream continues…….

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      Hey Jim,

      Thanks for your wonderful post, we too dream of a day when we will be able to travel to places like Kentucky and other places around the country to experience what makes each state’s cannabis scene unique. Thanks so much for using the forum, and until that glorious day when KY and the rest of the country jump on board, we too will be waiting patiently/anxiously. If you ever find yourself out Seattle way, give us a shout! We would love to show you what the legal cannabis market really looks like!

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