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      Hi I’m visiting New York in February and will probably be visiting dc for a couple of days I’m from the uk and I’m just wandering what the rules are there for tourists? And how easy it is to get hold of a couple of grams it’s the only thing that helps me sleep and am abit worried any help would be appreciated

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      While the recreational use of marijuana is legal in Washington DC, there is no way to legally purchase any cannabis products in the District – confusing, right? This is due to some poorly written legislation that forgot to include anything regarding how or where it would be sold. DC just approved medical marijuana reciprocity though, so if you have a valid medical marijuana card, you may be able to make a legal purchase for medicine in town, but it may still be difficult. While DC has no shortage of herb, getting your hands on it may involve some sketchy maneuvers. We would recommend bringing some edibles or a vape pen with you if at all possible. I hope this helped! Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!

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        Hi! I literally JUST found out that you could not purchase recreationally in DC??? Seriously? I was actually on the computer, planning a trip to DC and while Googling “weed stores”, found out that there ARE none!! Blew my mind!! And, to think that Cannabis was legalized for possession of up to 2 ounces back in 2014?! TWO years ago?? Not only were they NOT visionary in providing for GETTING the product, it’s been TWO years and NOTHING has happened?? Sounds like MY state. They passed the Medical Weed law for poor folks that were hours away from dying, but, neglected to make a provision for them to be to score the Mary-Jane?! Morons…

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