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      Stonehenge man

      Hi, I will be visiting San Francisco from the UK at the start of May. I currently smoke as suffer with severe knee pain, if anyone could offer advice on where I might get some when in San Francisco I would be eternally grateful, I don’t want to spend a vacation of a lifetime in pain and not being able to sleep. Any responses are greatly appreciated many thanks.

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      Hey there! Thanks for checking out the site! California is currently in a “gray area” where they have legalized recreational cannabis, but there still are not legal retail locations to make purchases. That being said, there are definitely some dispensaries that have been making illegal recreational sales since November. It all comes down to where you go try, and if they’re playing by the rules or not.
      Given that information, California Marijuana Laws are pretty darn loose, so you will likely encounter people puffing in public. The scene is pretty friendly, so if you ask around, you’ll likely find a helping hand!
      I hope this information is helpful! Please feel free to post again if you have any additional questions! Also, you should post again after your trip to let us know how it went! Good luck and have a great Earth Day!!!

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