Visiting Nor-Cal for 4 months in January. What are my options?

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      Hey there!

      I’m a Canadian whom loves his bud, and dispensaries have all basically gone recreational here (so it’s everywhere and easy to find in shops).

      I’m trying to plan my trip and wondering what means or sources there are for obtaining flower for a tourist? I’ve read around but with the new law in place now, all the information online is outdated and I have no clue where I can grab some.

      Any help from some whom have visited recently or any Nor-Cal residents about how the dispensaries are changing with the new laws I’d LOVE to hear from you.


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      Hey There!
      Unfortunately the recreational market likely wont open its doors until around January 2018 as the state needs time to properly license, determine testing procedures, approve locations, and more. Currently it is legal to possess and cultivate cannabis, but there is no legal way to buy it just yet. That being said – there are tons of delivery services that will bring you herb – they’re just slightly sketchy on a legal front. I hope this info helps, if all else fails, find someone friendly looking and ask for a little help! You won’t be treated like a criminal – it’s California!!!

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