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    I’m visiting Anaheim in a few weeks, and I’m wondering if tourists can legally buy weed products now, or do you still need to be a California resident?


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    Hey there!

    Currently, California sits in a gray area where cannabis possession and cultivation are legal, but there are not yet any legal recreational retail locations. With that being said, there are many medical dispensaries that are now selling to anyone over the age of 21 illegally. We aren’t too sure which shops are doing this, as no one is advertising illegal sales. Hopefully this was helpful information, but please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions. Also, please post again after your trip to let us know how it went! Thanks!

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    Thanks for the reply:)
    I’ll do my best to find somewhere willing – I’m over 21. It’s so annoying that the regulations haven’t caught up with the laws. I probably can’t post where if I find a place, because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. If anyone has tips please let me know.


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    Did you end up finding a place to sell to you? I will be travelling from Canada later this year and wondering about the same thing.

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    I’m from Florida and wanted to see if you could give me any help understanding the caregiver situation they are saying that it may be in Aprils Legislation for Florida Medical Marijuana Law. They want us to register with our caregiver at the same time too Thanks.

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    That’s great..!!

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    there are legal recreational locations but there legal private vendors who can hook you up anytime.
    if you need help anytime, hmu

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    I am from Illinois and visiting the San Dimas area. I was wondering if anyone knew which stores would allow me to pick up?

    -Any help would be appreciated, just trying to a little wake n’ bake now that I’m finally in California.

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