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      Hi all, would really appreciate any helpful answers here.
      I’m planning a trip to San Francisco at the end of the month, and I’m thinking about adding a stop in either Portland or Seattle for some recreational flowers and edibles. I’m leaning towards Portland more than Seattle, as I’ve never been to Portland before. But then I found out about the purchase limitation on edibles (15mg per shop/per customer per day), which would make me visit like 4 shops every day. My question is:
      1) Should i still head to Portland and then drive over to Vancouver (or other suggestions) to purchase edibles?
      2) Should i forget about Portland and just visit Seattle again instead?
      3) Any other ideas?

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      Chase N

      If you only like edibles, Washington will be your best bet. Vancouver, WA isn’t that far away from Portland but it’s still a little bit of a drive. I’ve also read that enforcement regarding transportation across state lines is pretty much non existent. That being said, Seattle is a little bigger and there’s plenty to do up here as well! WA’s edibles market is much more developed considering all of the setbacks in Oregon. I hope that helps.

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      Sam-High 5 Tours

      Vancouver is only 20 minutes from Portland so you could easily travel to Vancouver to make edible purchases. Also, there are over 100 dispensaries in Portland so it wouldn’t be that hard to visit a few in the same day. The limit will go up to 50mg starting January 1st. If you have a medical card then you would be able to purchase edibles with 100mg per serving.


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