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      Just read an article from Can someone explain to me how does this work out? Can I make a profit from it? How? Thanks in advance

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      After reading this article, I’m not sure there was really any informational value to it – unless I missed a major point…
      While some shops are choosing to currently sell cannabis to anyone over the age of 21 – it is completely illegal and these business owners risk being arrested, raided, shut down, refusal of license from the state once regulations are put in place, etc.
      We would never recommend anyone take advantage of this “gray area” of legality. While possession and cultivation are legal in California, sales of goods are not yet legal.
      I hope this information helps. If I didn’t quite answer your question, please feel free to reach out and clarify and I will do my best to get you the correct answers. Thanks and have a great day!

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      I’m just fasinated on an article I read that marijuana can’t cause lung cancer but it can help prevent it. They said that tobacco smokers who also smoked marijuana were at slightly lower risk of getting lung cancer than tobacco-only smokers. It may be surprising to some but other lung cancer patients use cannabis products for support. I searched some kind of strain from Bonzaseeds and found the strain ACDC and searched its medical properties. It may sound to good to be true but i wanted to hear your thoughts about it guys. So whats you idea about this one? Have you tried cannabis to help you from any medical conditions you have?

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      Holly Kaye

      I have smoked cannabis off and on since the age of 15, (I am now in my 60’s and very healthy) i have never smoked tobacco.
      My understanding is: Marijuana smoke dialates the aveoli in your lungs, so aids in better oxygen uptake in your lungs. And I think that marijuana can be healing…it seemed to help kill an infection I had in my lungs once. HOWEVER, if mixed with tobacco smoke (ie: spliffs, or smoking a tobacco cigarette right after cannabis smoking) the toxins from the cigarette tobacco smoke enters your lungs more readily and would increase your risk of tobacco smoke related illnesses such as cancsr.

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