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      Ralph E Lewis

      I live in Utah and agree with every thing you think and every thing you say. Even my Doctor agrees. He has attended seminars on the subject and very much thinks that he could replace the BP medication, the colesterol medication, and the thyroid medication, and the anxiety and pain medications that he has me on to keep every thing were it should be that straight unmessed with cannabis in a clean medical grade that i would not need all the krapp i take from the drug store. I smoked pot back in the day (late 60s, 70s, 80s) but I had to work to feed 3 children and a high school sweet heart, pay bills, morgage, car payment, so no way could i keep smoking and pass drug test. But now I am retired and I am a live in caregiver for my 90 yr. old father. And I must say a little pot on a daily bases would keep me and the medications in check. I am 110 miles from Wendover,NV. It is the closest. I just have bad thoughts about returning. Any one have any thoughts on the matter? Thanks for letting me unload my thoughts. Ralph JR or R.J.

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