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      Hello everyone
      I Have a question for you guys.

      I’m going to start working in Fairbanks,Alaska this May and i got an email that i’m going to have pre-employment drug and alcohol test. First of all i have never had this kind of tests so i will be thankful if anyone would like to explain the process of it.

      Also, i have some dilemmas about this.. i have smoked weed on several occasions these last few weeks, and the last time was 2 days ago and i can’t stop thinking about that test, which is going to be done in exactly 20 days from now..

      I know that marijuana is legal in Alaska, so i was wondering would it be possible to get a free pass or something if any trace of THC is found in my system? Just to point it out, i have never used any actual drugs like cocaine or stuff like that, i am strictly against it!

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