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      So I’m from Southern Oregon, a couple years back I went out camping at the Klamath river canyon, on my way back decided to take some different roads I didn’t know, after quite some time of not knowing where I’m at I finally find pavenment, within a mile there’s a cop posted up right after really sharp turn (I was doing under the speed limit because my CV axle just broke, he never told me why he pulled me over )anyways I got pulled over and cop said I looked like I had cotton mouth (hadnt smoked,just was pretty dehydrated night of drinking before) and asked if I had any weed, thinking I’m in Oregon i tell him yeah and pull up the bowl I have and give it to him, but he writes me a ticket.. turns out I’m in Dorris California, so I go on about my Merry way and never dealt with it, and since have received letters saying they were issueing a warrant for my arrest, does that still apply with recreational use to being legal now

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      Man, that’s bad luck. Sorry to hear that. I’d consult with an attorney to be certain but I’m pretty sure the warrant still applies. There are still plenty of people in CA serving time for weed-related charges.

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