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      Hi! A little info about me:
      I am not a US resident,
      I will be traveling to Los Angeles in March
      Have never smoked cannabis, but very curious to try
      Don’t know much about legal issues, and don’t want any problems

      Could you help me out introducing me to cannabis world? Heh.

      Where to buy? Legally, if possible.
      Are there delivery services to hotels?
      Where is it better to smoke? Don’t want to bother anybody.

      Thanks! Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

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      Chase N

      Hey Panda!

      Although California legalized in November, shops won’t be opening up until 2018. Your best bet would be to visit either Oregon or Washington to purchase legally. You could also check out craigslist, but I would warn you against it. Craigslist can be pretty sketchy. You can check out our cannabis friendly lodging options in California and our legal marijuana guide for California. I hope these resources help!!

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