Nevada anticipate stores opening up January 1, 2018.

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      considering January 1st 2017 recreational Marijuana will be legale it would be one year before stores open to sell the product, this is what the state of Nevada anticipate time frame, this is not a good time frame for shops who are looking to wait a year to start business it would delay in plans and investment types who are eager to start there shops asap after the legalization, with consideration of some time needed for filling and setting up business, but common this whole year could be millions made for taxes and these business owners who are eager to open and start selling good stuff in the state of Nevada. Whats your openion in this matter and are you one who is looking to open a recreational shop and eager to start sooner or are you the consumer who wants to have the access to the product without obtaining a medical card, and just think its rediculos to wait a year after ruling.

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      Chase N

      I think you would be amazed at how hard the state has to work to regulate a whole new industry under new laws. They do not invest in the implementation until the law has passed which hopefully will happen this November. Ideally they will be open in January of 2017, but in Washington it took much longer!

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