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      Wow was that a trip! Over the holidays, my wife and I planned a trip to the beautiful country of Uganda. We didn’t know what to expect, and I want to let everyone know that our experience was amazing!

      Before we landed in Uganda, we had a couple day layover in Dubai which was great, but everything seemed so superficial and fake. The people didn’t seem truly happy especially in comparison to the people of Uganda. No Dubai is a rich developed city in the middle east. It’s quite mind blowing as it boasts the largest tower in the world, 829.8 m, the largest malls, and even indoor snow skiing. No keep in mind that this is the desert. Sand everywhere, hot as hell, and they have an indoor snow skiing slope! People from around the world visit Dubai to see the extravagance, but we weren’t super impressed. After a couple days, we were ready to leave. We had set off for an authentic experience that had a life changing effect, and Dubai wasn’t the right fit.

      Upon arriving in Uganda, we realized the extreme level of poverty. More extreme than anywhere we had traveled before. Something else that we realized though is that everyone seemed happier! It was kind of confusing to be honest considering how impoverished these people were. One of the biggest take aways was that happiness is a choice. These people choose to be happy. Even in the worst of situations they find things to be thankful for. It made my wife and I really reflect on how much we have and how lucky we are.

      Additionally, upon landing, we realized how chaotic this country is. Everyone is trying to sell you something. On our way to our fist stop, we had offers to buy all kinds of different things from t-shirts or chickens, but no weed.

      Our first stop was the river. My biggest goal was to visit the headwaters of the Nile river and kayak different sections of some of the worlds greatest high volume whitewater. I flew all the way from Seattle to Uganda with my whitewater kayak, and it was time to use it. To get to the river, you put all of your gear on and ride on the back of an under powered motorcycle called a boda boda with your kayak on your lap.
      I had heard from some other kayakers in town that if you’re looking for weed, just ask your boda boda driver. I was told by some other people in the village that even though cannabis was illegal, there’s not much enforcement. Just don’t flaunt it and be discrete.

      After a couple days riding with the same guy we built a good friendship, I finally built up the confidence to ask. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to say marijuana in Lugandan, the common language around Jinja, but I finally was able to communicate I wanted weed by saying I was looking for, “Green cigarettes.” When He asked how much, I replied 2. I was thinking I would get 2 joints or something along those lines so I gave him 5000 Ugandan Shillings, around $1.50 US. He drove off like a bat out of hell. I didn’t know when he’d be back, but we had built enough of a friendship that I knew he would return. About 10 minutes later my driver came back with a grocery bag full of weed. It had to be at least an ounce. I quickly stuffed the bag in my back pack, and we were off.

      FYI, buy your boda boda driver a chipati every time you go out, and he’ll be your best friend. It’s the best 30 cents you’ll ever spend.

      Once I got back to camp, I showed the bag to my wife who was so excited. We quickly cut open a cigarette paper to use as a rolling paper, picked out the seeds, and rolled a couple joints. We waited until that evening to smoke one, and it was great. Not super potent, but very tasty. You could smoke 3 joints and feel amazing. Waiting until the evening was a good choice as well since it’s harder for someone to sneak up on you. The stars in Uganda overlooking the Nile river is something I’ll never forget. Everything about Uganda was amazing. We went on a safari, we went to the crazy markets, we drank, we smoked, and we forgot about all of our first world problems. I got on Facebook a couple times to let my family know I was ok, and it was kind of depressing. As soon as I got online, I wanted to get off. There was nothing better than being fully disconnected from reality in Africa on a cannabis vacation. We smoked the entire trip, every night, and it was the best vacation ever.

      PSA: I highly recommend going to Uganda to see the mighty Nile River in all of it’s glory, but you need to go soon. The Chinese government recently funded a dam project that will flood the great rapids of the Nile River and destroy the tourism industry down there. So many villagers along the Nile rely on tourism to support their families, and it could all disappear over the next year and a half. You can help by contacting the World Bank to enforce their agreement of not damming this section of the river, by visiting, and watch the video below for more information about the impact this will have on one of the many people that depend on tourism.

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      I’m Ugandan, and I love that you love our country, I appreciate? but the part of calling us improvised, come on, we aren’t that badly off. I mean, true, we are third world and all, but u didn’t get to see the cool parts of Ug, the “non-improvished” I guess.. And boda boda guys only allowed your chapatti coz u white, trust me. If I did that I’d be abused ??, so he was just being nice to you. They usually prefer money. Overall.. Glad you liked it. Come again.?, oh and its Luganda not lugandan. I’m a mukiga tho.

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