Is There an Illinois Marijuana Tax?

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    Is there a tax in Illinois, and if so, how much is it?

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    There is indeed a marijuana tax that is imposed in Illinois. According to the state of Illinois, medical marijuana is to be taxed at the one percent pharmaceutical rate. Additionally, there is also a seven percent privilege tax that is imposed on cultivation centers. That same seven percent tax is imposed on dispensaries.

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    Marijuana is legal for medical use in Illinois, and there is a tax rate imposed on it. The tax is 1% pharmaceutical rate. Moreover, there is 7% privilege tax all dispensaries and cultivation centers in Illinois have to pay as well. The efforts to pass the legalization of recreational marijuana use are in progress.

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    there is currently an ongoing marijuana tax in illinois. These taxes are separated into two categories, where retail wholesalers will have to pay a 7 percent tax to the state and the medical marijuana industry will also tax the drug at 1%, in comparison to the pharmaceutical rate.

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