Is There a Washington D.C. Marijuana Tax?

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    Is there a tax in Washington D.C., and if so, how much is it?

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    There are several states and areas that have taxes on recreational marijuana currently which are Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. While Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska have rather significant taxes being levied on users and retailers of recreational marijuana, it is currently prohibited by Federal Law to tax recreational marijuana in the Washington D.C. Currently, there is no marijuana tax in Washington D.C.

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    Thirty-seven percent excise tax on marijuana sales price. Previously a twenty-five percent tax on producer sales to processors, another twenty-five percent tax on processor sales to retailers, and a further twenty-five percent tax on retailer sales to customers. The new framework also directs 30 percent of marijuana tax revenue (after the first $25 million) to local governments based on population.

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    Yes, there is a marijuana tax in Washington D.C. The tax is 37 percent excise tax on marijuana sales price, with previously a 25 percent tax on producers sales to processors, 25 percent tax on processors to retailers and a furthur 25 percent tax on retailers to customers.
    Other taxes include:
    State Business & Occupation (B&O) taxes; state and local sales taxes.

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