Is There a New Hampshire Marijuana Tax?

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    Is there a tax in New Hampshire, and if so, how much is it?

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    Marijuana is currently illegal in New Hampshire, so no tax I suppose but, possession can land you in some trouble. Upto 1 year in jail, and upto 2000USD in fines for any amount less than 1lbs. Anything more and you will be looking at at least 3 years in prison.

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    Yes.Marijuana is legalised in New Hampshire but it comes with comes with a hefty tax component.
    A 15 percent sales tax at the retail level and a $30-per-ounce tax at the wholesale level.
    For example, assuming a retail price of $30 and a wholesale price of $15, the tax on New Hampshire marijuana would be $8.25, or 27.5 percent.

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    Is there a tax on pot in new hampshire? yes there is. There is a fifteen dollar an ounce tax on marijuana since it was legalizied in two thousand and fourteen. The tax is to to be collected on a per ounce basis. These taxes are imposed on people that are twenty one or above that can legally buy the product.

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