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      Is there a tax in Michigan, and if so, how much is it?

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      Patients purchasing product from dispensaries in Michigan are taxed a 6% sales tax on dispensary products. This tax rate was set after a 8% sales tax was going to be imposed. Dispensary owners are also required to pay 3% tax on all gross retail income.

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      There is a tax on marijuana sales in Michigan. There’s different tax values for dispensary owners and for patients, dispensary owners are required to pay a 3 percent tax on their income, which is divided between local municipalities, counties, sheriff’s and the state’s general fund. Patients are required to pay a 6 percent tax on dispensary purchases.

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      Chief wanna dubbie

      There is a 3 percent tax rate on marijuana in the state of Michigan. Also, it should be noted that the state legislature intends to make the obtaining of marijuana difficult for any person not seeking its use for medical reasons. They plan to heavy regulate the industry as well as inspect dispensaries ensuring they are up to government standards.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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