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    Is there a tax in Delaware, and if so, how much is it?

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    Yes there is a tax on medical marijuana in the state of Delaware. This will help to make the state a better place and it is also another way to get more jobs for the residents. This is one of the reasons why legislators are opening up their minds to the ideas of medical marijuana. Since the project is in its infancy no exact tax has been mentioned yet.

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    There is currently no tax on marijuana in Delaware. As the state has recently adopted the legalization of Marijuana, The state itself is still fine tuning it’s rules and regulations and will most likely be adopting new rules once the committees has submitted their recommendations to the governor. It is believed at this time that Delaware is going to take a look at all other states that currently have marijuana sales in their state and see what best would work for them.

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    Delaware Medical Marijuana Act (2011) No sales tax; gross receipts tax (first $1.2 million ofgross receipts exempt from tax)

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