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      Is there a tax in Arizona, and if so, how much is it?

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      There are currently 4 states that currently impose or will soon levy taxes on recreational marijuana. Those states are Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. At the present moment in the state of Arizona, there are no taxes yet on recreational or medicinal marijuana. However, there are currently initiatives being proposed that might have the excise tax on recreational/medicinal marijuana to be set at 15%. Since these proposed initiatives has not yet passed, there are currently no taxes on marijuana in the state of Arizona.

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      arizona’s marijuana will soon be taxed at the same rate as any other retail product in the state.
      A new regulation will ask that pot sellers add a 6.6% sales tax, with an added 2 to 3% for cities, to their goods.

      So in Phoenix, you can expect a tax menu that looks something like:

      Yoga blanket: 9.3%
      New futon: 9.3%
      2 1/2 ounces of King Kong Kush: 9.3%
      Canabutter, bud brownies, space cake, grass-hopper cookies, ganjelato, potcorn and soda pot: 9.3%.
      Three cans of Pringles: 9.3%

      With the new tax, pot sales in Arizona could bring the state as much as $40 million in yearly revenues, according to estimates.

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      Yes, the latest tax legislation surrounding marijuana put a state-wide tax at 6.6%. On top of this 6.6% state tax is a city tax which is determined solely by cities with dispensaries in them. Currently city taxes have ranged from 2% to 3%. This will continue to be a changing topic in Arizona, especially if recreational marijuana is legalized in Arizona.

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