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      I’m interested in starting a marijuana business in Washington D.C.. What do I need to do to get a license?

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      I am pretty sure, you would need to go to the city councils office and fill out a business license. Once the business license is approved, you will need to find a store front if you don’t already have one. The store will need to be approved by the health department. After you have gotten these documents. you will probably need to make sure it is okay to open this store type in your county with approval from your city council. You will need to make sure you building is not near a school or church, get a check list from your city council before you meet with them so that you can do the nessary task to get your marijuana business off the ground. You may also have to take a class before opening.

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      Currently Washington D.C. is not open for a applications for a marijuana business license. To prepare for future application possibilities your best bet are to have plenty of liquidity cash, as it is a requirement before applying. D.C. also has the highest application fees and annual marijuana business fees, so prepare cash for this. A business plan, including the planned location to do business, will be required prior to receiving a license in D.C.

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      In washing Dc licenses are very limited so it is one of the hardest states to have a marijuana business in. Most of them were given in 2013 and 2014 so now it is almost impossible to get a permit. At the moment there is no system for issuing permits or licences for a marijuana business.

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