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      I’m interested in starting a marijuana business in Nevada. What do I need to do to get a license?

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      There are a lot of things needed before applying for a license to open a marijuana business in Nevada. One of the biggest ones being having a minimum of $250,000 of liquid assets. You must also have fingerprints on file, with a consent for an FBI background check. A prospective business plan and a letter from the local government (county) saying your proposed plans are within regulation, these are all minimum requirements before applying for a license.

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      Buyers will need to provide the State of Nevada with the following items for all Nevada MME Permit Sales:
      Transfer of Interest Form located on the States MME Resource page
      Proof of $250,000 in liquid assets
      Fingerprints Background Check DPS
      Org chart
      Updated Secretary of State paperwork
      Company shares to be issued in total and per owner
      Local jurisdiction business license and approval
      Local jurisdiction change of ownership approval

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      To open a medicinal marijuana establishment in Nevada, one has to get a $75 application from the Nevada State Health Division in the within the ten business days that they accept the applications. An application may be approved or denied within 90 days, and then a 20-digit identification number will be supplied to them. You must be fingerprinted, with a social security number, be over 21 years old, and have no criminal convictions for violent or drug related felonies.

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