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      I’m interested in starting a marijuana business in Michigan. What do I need to do to get a license?

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      You need to follow several steps and must have a clean criminal background. You need a registry identification card as a caregiver, you need to set up a legal LLC business and have the location squared away, and you need a medical marijuana occupational business license. However if your locality doesn’t want a dispensary or already has one, you are out of luck as the state does not get involved. Good luck!

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      Currently you can not. Licenses are not being issued to start dispensaries or businesses selling marijuana in the state of Michigan. Marijuana must be produced by the patient themselves or by a licensed caregiver that is typically assigned to only one patient. For now you will have to be patient or try to get involved with local or state politics and hope for the best.

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      First of all you must be a Michigan resident with a valid proof of residency. Then you need to obtain signed documentation and medical records from your primary care physician. These documents must show that you have a condition that qualifies you for a medical marijuana card. After that you need to pay $60 and register for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. You must then submit all that documentation plus a photo ID to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Medical Affairs.

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