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    I’m interested in starting a marijuana business in Maine. What do I need to do to get a license?

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    First of all you must pass a criminal background check before a state will allow you to sell medical marijuana. If you have flaws on your record, consult a lawyer to determine how they could affect your ability to get a license. Fully understanding the exact stipulations that apply to your business is crucial. You should contact Division of Environmental Health and must take help of consultant in this regard. The type of licensing and documentation your marijuana business requires will depend on both the location of your operation and the sort of business you are conducting.

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    Basically you had to make a point of people who is interested in purchasing a Marijuana with you if there are lot of people to whom you can sale a marijuana than make a deal with local dealer and the person who you can trust for and make a

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    First of all, be aware Maine is not yet authorizing it. You have to wait until November the 8th when Maine will vote about legalizing it before starting for good.You may of course get ahead of that by getting informations about how to do it and what to expect from this business. The best thing to do is to download a marijuana company business plan, then a starter kit, free to download. you can think about the medical and/or recreationnal goal you plan to do.
    You need to know what is your business plan, is it just cultivation or delivery and dispensary?
    Wit all this questions answered, you’ll be ready for this new opportunities available in Maine before the end of the year.

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