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    I’m interested in starting a marijuana business in California. What do I need to do to get a license?

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    The first step would be to file articles of incorporation under the corporations or food and agricultural code which would allow you to register your business as a non profit. Next you must file the appropriate tax forms and obtain a business license or permit depending on the local regulations for the city and county. Then you will have to set up a regulation system because you can only distrubte marijuana to those that have a medical need. From there, you’ll just need to follow the regulations on business and rake in the money!

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    Many cities and counties in California do not even want these dispensaries. That being said, you have to get a seller’s permit, pay the obligatory fees, and have a insured business and location available. You need zoning permits and you need a system in place that verifies all potential customers because fraud will subject you to severe federal penalties. California is one of the most difficult states for marijuana dispensaries to operate.

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    The rules and regulations regarding regarding the lawful sale of cannabis are complex and as of 2016, in the process of possibly changing in a radical way. The best advice to give in a limited numbers of words is this: Find and consult a reputable lawyer and have them look into the specifics. The cost of a lawyer is pennies compared to the possible ramifications of selling cannabis in an unlawful way, even if you thought you were doing everything right.

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