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    Chief wanna dubbie

    I’m interested in starting a marijuana business in Arizona. What do I need to do to get a license?

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    The easiest and most common way I’ve discovered in my research is to purchase an all-inclusive package that contains all of the necessary licenses and instructions on acquiring said licenses. It costs a flat fee and is all-inclusive, meaning it has everything you need in order to be licensed to operate a business that involves marijuana in the state of Arizona.

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    You can apply for a license to start a dispensary, only medical currently, in Arizona. To apply you must not have a felony conviction on your record, must pay the application fee of $5,000, and have a savings of at least $150,000 in some type of financial institute. Before applying for a license on top of these prior requirements, you must also have a dispensary business plan and a list of possible locations.

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    Trae Bear

    This is not an easy task. Having any sort of criminal conviction is grounds to immediately bar you from licensing. Depending on your area the ADHS will accept applications only a few times throughout the year. They will also check the volume of current businesses within your ten mile radius. If you meet these requirements you will begin obtaining the proper permits in a orderly fashion.

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