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    Chief wanna dubbie

    I’m interested in starting a marijuana business in Alaska. What do I need to do to get a license?

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    Trae Bear

    You need to first have a location in mind, once a location is picked you must provide a lease or rental agreement to the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office. Next you need to go on their website under “marijuana applications” and submit an application, you need to provide you Alaska Business license number, obtain a MyAlaska account, and complete an operating plan and supplement forms before getting approved.

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    First of all you need to have been an Alaskan resident for the past year. You will need to apply for a business license which costs $1000 and is available online. Please note the license is tied to your business physical location and must be 500 feet away from any church or school to be approved. Once approved you also will need to pay the annual license fee. For retail this will cost $5000 a year.

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    Online applications for licensing a marijuana business are online from the Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office at That is the best place to initiate an application and review the requirements. There are many helpful FAQs to get you the answers to all your questions and get going.

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